Awards – Best of the Festival

First Place
Am Fenster
Tim Ellrich, Germany

Second Place
Marianna Abdalla, Denmark

Third Place
Edward Montez, Texas A &M

Audience Choice
Abdullah Al Maawali, UK

Awards – Minnesota Filmmakers

Best Aesthetics
Connie Von Ohlen, MSUM

Best Creative Editing
Play Pretend
Sam Deans, SCSU

Best Collaborative Production
Don’t Be a Bystander
Shelana Ysen, BSU

Best Camera Work
Bemidji Brewing
Shawn Campbell, BSU

Best Interview
Your Mom’s
Kelsey Jacobson, BSU

Best Storytelling
45 Cents
Alec Holland, MSUM

Best Use of Found Footage
Some Major Elements
Alexander Danielson, BSU

Best Documentary Storytelling
The Brothers
Samuel Moore, BSU

Best Music Video
Addict with a Pen
Audey Shattuck, Gustavus Aldophus

Best Performance
Berit Dybing